All about Hemorrhoids

We Do not like to talk about it – but it still hurts …
Hemorrhoids  occurence is a phenomenon of mucosal tissue found in the anal canal.
Common symptoms are bleeding, pain, hemorrhoids prolapse outside the anus, Itching and discharge.

Among the factors that hemorrhoids can be diarrhea, constipation, irritation of the tissue by the toilet paper or anything else, nutrition, pregnancy and childbirth.
This is not pleasant sometimes have a lot of pain and bleeding during exit, and walk to the bathroom accompanied by great suffering.
To diagnose hemorrhoids to rule out liver disease or intestinal bleeding.
Western medicine treatment is divided into conservative, giving candles and lotions,
And Surgery.
Treatment can help, but because we had not tackled the root cause hemorrhoids may come out again.

Chinese medicine approach for hemorrhoids :

In Chinese medicine there are two major factors that lead to hemorrhoids:
The first Chi drooping from lack of energy difficult to hold the tissues and the tissues drop this phenomenon is characterized by weakness and fatigue, organ prolapse may occur more as the uterus or hernia. Usually the pain will be less significant and more generally of bleeding bright red blood.
Blood-second blasts of blood is not flowing well and this pain will be more powerful if there is bleeding will be darker.

Treatment for hemorrhoids:

In the first case, we will strengthen the qi and blood and qi locked up.
In the second case Nnia blood and we reduce pain.
The treatment is done by acupuncture and herbs.
Sometimes it is necessary to use electro-acupuncture needles that connection voltages which helps to reduce the level of pain more quickly.
Please note that acupuncture is done on the hemorrhoids themselves but the acupuncture points that handle hemorrhoids and pain.
Another treatment for hemorrhoids is herbal treatment. Here it is important to note medicinal herbs specifically provided by the handler after the diagnosis of the patient so great efficiency in many medicinal plants that can be indiscriminately organized in a pharmacy.

It should be noted that sometimes the improvement is fast but despite the relief we continue to treat the problem at its roots to no return.
If hemorrhoids sufferers have constipation treatment will also include constipation because it creates an unnecessary burden on the hemorrhoids.
You can use natural creams relaxing area, and should not wipe your ass
With toilet paper but with a stream of water (preferably hot).
It is important to adjust the diet to prevent constipation on nutrition and also adapted by China Syndrome person’s property.

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