What are blackheads and how can we remove them?

Blackheads are those black spots on the skin that are precious points. If you are trying to get black, please promised earlier that this is not a beauty spot. Blacks are concerned dermatological literature known name of comedones. In fact, they are not black at all. Color is cream-yellow. Only their end of the black due to oxidation of melanin (a substance found them) with exposure to air. If both sides pressed their leaves a long and meandering corpus cream-yellow color.  face-1146038_640

How black are created?
Blackheads are clogged skin cells that didnt not develop properly. If you have only a black comedones, you are lucky. They do not develop dairy wounds festering. Only the white comedones, pimples may develop.

Where are blackheads?
The most common appearance of the nose is black, corners of the nose and chin. They can arise on any interior parts, such as the forehead and cheeks, as well as on the back. Often appear on the chest and arms. And sometimes they are so dense on the nose or on the chin that with a single click from both sides were quite a few blacks at once.

Who does have blackheads?
Blacks are the primary lesion and the lightest of acne, acne. And therefore a very high prevalence in adolescence. If you encounter literature definition of adolescence fourteen years or older, then know that puberty begins much earlier today. Little children have what is called “premature sexual development” and you will see them comedones from the age of eight or nine. Adolescence Ainongmr age of eighteen, and the formation of blackheads can last for many years. Middle-aged and older adults may arise big black – even around the eye sockets.

What is the deep cleaning to remove blackheads
Time to go once a cosmetician professional, experienced and nice. You can learn a lot from her. She will explain to you what your skin condition and how to treat it effectively at home. It also will make you Cleanser deep – Basic facial care – to balance your skin and nurture it properly. An important part of treatment is skin softening extracting the black to be easy, painless and leave no marks. Softening is done using steam or using the material softens or peeling easier. Removing dead cells and breaking down the extracellular matrix material using easy peeling softens these traffic jams, thus achieving effective deep cleaning. The deep cleaning to remove blacks in cosmetologist should return from time to time since returning blacks, even if Cmotm very limited over the years or following the peelings.

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