For a number of women, menstruation is a very uncomfortable affair. For example, some women will usually experience cramps, bloating and headaches making it an extremely painful affair. For other women who experiences heavy flows, menstruation results in a lot of inconveniences. This is especially true for the modern woman who finds herself caught up in challenging activities including meetings at the workplace and sporting activities.

The good news though is that they are ways in which one can stop their periods early. This article will provide a number of ways on how to stop your period early. Take a look at the following:

Ask your doctor about the long-term options that are available

If you wish to stop periods for a longer period it is advisable that you visit a doctor and discuss this issue with them. There are a number of options which the doctor may decide to apply depending on their suitability for you.

For instance the doctor may administer an injection by the name Depo-Provera. It is an injection that is usually received on a usual basis and is effective in stopping periods for a period of time ranging from one to two years.

Another option available is the surgical route. The surgical options here include the elimination of the womb, the extraction of the uterus’ endometrial lining or a hysterectomy. These options are effective in helping to permanently stop periods. However, it is always important to seek the advice of a doctor before opting for these options. This is because they have adverse effects such as complicating a pregnancy or making it impossible altogether.

Drinking a lot of water

It common knowledge that water is vital for the health of the body. Well, apart from helping the body maintain its perfect health, water also works wonders in lessening the period. It is able to do this because it helps the body flush things out of the body much faster. This includes flushing out the periods.

Taking a lot of water further helps relieve discomforts such as feelings of bloat and cramps. To achieve this ensure that you take a daily ration of between 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Ensure that you exercise regularly

Exercise is among the most famous methods used to stop the periods early. This is because exercise ensures that the body is physically fit. Indeed it has been shown that ladies who regularly exercise tend to get short and light periods. In other scenarios women who are actively engaged in sports and who have a low percentage of body fat do not experience periods.

It should however be noted that instances where periods are missing and where such missing is not caused by pregnancy or other related reasons could a symptom of anemia.

Use contraceptives

For women who get painful periods or those who have excessive heavy flows, the use of hormonal contraceptives is a method that is both safe and effective. This is because contraceptives will change the normal menstrual cycle.

Birth control pills are the most common types of contraceptives to be used. They are taken for twenty one days and then alternated with placebo pills for the remaining one week. It is during the week of taking placebo pills that the periods will come. If you however wish to skip the period all you need to do is to miss out on taking the placebo pills and continue with the contraceptives. Note however that this may result in unlikeable effects and you are therefore advised to seek the opinion of a health practitioner prior to doing so.

Also note that most contraceptives are obtainable only by prescription. Therefore do inform your doctor of all your needs as you embark on using them

Use ibuprofen

Most women will find that the use of Ibuprofen helps decrease their periods by as much as 50%. For others, the use of Ibuprofen helps to completely stop the period.

Effective use of ibuprofen will involve taking a single dose for three times a day. This helps check against exceeding the allowed dosages that one may take in a period of 24 hours.

However as with any other drug, always consult a doctor before using it for extended periods to guard against any possible side effects.

Take fruits and vegetables regularly

Regularly taking fruits and vegetables has also been shown as an effective means of stopping your period early. For instance some women report that their periods lighten when they take sufficient amounts of fruits. Others have reported that sucking a lemon helps to momentarily stop their periods.

Take gelatin

Drinking gelatin that is mixed in water has also been to stop menses for periods of between3-4 hours.

Take vinegar 

About two teaspoonfuls of vinegar mixed into a cup of water also does the trick. It should be taken thrice a day for it to be effective.

So how to stop your period early? It should be noted that each woman’s body responds differently to the methods as discussed above. A technique that works for you may not work for another woman. It is therefore advised that one does get to know their body better in terms of what works for them and what does not in order to come up with the method that will not cause unwanted effects on the body.